Install validation

With a lot of configuration possibilities, manually editing config.php means it's not uncommon that mistakes get made. It's also impossible to validate user input in config.php when you're just using a text editor :)

So, to try and help with some of the general issues people come across we've put together a simple validation tool which at present will:

Optionally you can also pass -m and a module name for that to be tested. Current modules are:

You can run validate.php as root by executing ./validate.php within your install directory.

The output will provide you either a clean bill of health or a list of things you need to fix:

OK - This is a good thing, you can skip over these :)

WARN - You probably want to check this out.

FAIL - This is going to need your attention!

Validate from the WebUI

You can validate your LibreNMS install from the WebUI, using the nav bar and clicking on the little Gear Icon -> Validate Config. Validate Config Icon Then You should see the results of validate. Below is just example of the results.

Validate results