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This is attempt to get vlans information from Mikrotik RouterOS.


Installation is very simple. On mikrotik we need: 1. one script, named "LNMS_vlans" 2. snmp community with write permission

Copy the scripts from librenms-agent/snmp/Routeros and place in /system/scripts Set snmp community to have WRITE permission in /snmp/community

It is strongly recomended that snmp allowed address is narrowed down to /32 because write permission could allow attack on device

Theory of operation:

Mikrotik vlan discovery plugin using ability of ROS to "fire up" a script trough SNMP At first, LibreNMS check for existence of script, and if it present, it will be started Sript try to gather information from: a. /interface/bridge/vlan for tagged ports inside bridge b. /interface/bridge/vlan for currently untagged ports inside bridge c. /interface/bridge/port for ports PVID (untagged) inside bridge d. /interface/vlan for plain (old style) vlans

after information is gathered, it is transmitted to LibreNMS over SNMP protocol is: type,vlanId,ifName

i.e: T,254,ether1 is translated to Tagged vlan 254 on port ether1 U,100,wlan2 is translated to Untagged vlan 100 on port wlan2