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Cleanup Options

As the number of devices starts to grow in your LibreNMS install, so will things such as the RRD files, MySQL database containing eventlogs, Syslogs and performance data etc. Your LibreNMS install could become quite large so it becomes necessary to clean up those entries. With Cleanup Options, you can stay in control.

These options rely on running from cron as per the installation instructions.


lnms config:set eventlog_purge 30
lnms config:set syslog_purge 30
lnms config:set route_purge 10
lnms config:set alert_log_purge 365
lnms config:set authlog_purge 30
lnms config:set ports_fdb_purge 10
lnms config:set ports_nac_purge 10
lnms config:set rrd_purge 0
lnms config:set ports_purge true

These options will ensure data within LibreNMS over X days old is automatically purged. You can alter these individually, values are in days.

NOTE: Please be aware that rrd_purge is NOT set by default. This option will remove any RRD files that have not been updated for the set amount of days automatically - only enable this if you are comfortable with that happening. (All active RRD files are updated every polling period.)

Ports Purge

Over time as you add devices some interfaces will need to be purged as they are set to be ignored or bad interfaces or marked as deleted.

You can purge all deleted ports from the WebUI (see below) or by setting lnms config:set ports_purge true.

In the Web UI Under the Ports Tab in the Nav Bar, Click on "Deleted" then click on "Purge all deleted". This will purge all the ports.