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LibreNMS VMs

NOTE: We highly advise that you change all passwords on this image when you deploy it!!

NOTE: These images ship with a vagrant user, please remove this user account when you deploy it!!

NOTE: Read the above note again!

We have available for download a pre-built image based on Ubuntu 22.04. These images are built using

Details of the image and it's setup are:

At present we provide the following builds:

  • OVA Built with VirtualBox.
  • OVA Built for VMWare ESXi.
  • Vagrant Box file.

  • Any issues and or help with these images should be reported via Community Forum or our Discord server


  • US Keyboard
  • Etc/UTC Timezone
  • 4 Poller Wrapper threads


  • PHP 8.1
  • MariaDB
  • Syslog-ng


  • Oxidized installed but not configured
  • Weathermap plugin enabled
  • Billing enabled
  • RRDCached enabled
  • Service checks enabled
  • Syslog enabled


All images can be downloaded from GitHub. The tags follow the main LibreNMS repo. When a new LibreNMS release is available we will push new images out running that version. Please do note that if you download an older release with a view to running that specific version, you will need to disable updates lnms config:set update false.


If you are using the VirtualBox image then to access your newly imported VM, these ports are forwarded from your machine to the VM: 8080 for WebUI and 2023 for SSH. Remember to edit/remove them if you change (and you should) the VM network configuration.

  • WebUI (http://localhost)
  • username: librenms
  • password: D32fwefwef

  • SSH (change the password ssh://localhost:2023)

  • username: librenms
  • password: CDne3fwdfds

  • SSH (remove this account)

  • username: vagrant
  • password; vagrant

  • MySQL/MariaDB

  • username: librenms
  • password: D42nf23rewD


If you would like to help with these images whether it's add additional features or default software / settings then you can do so on GitHub.