Welcome to Observium users

LibreNMS is a fork of Observium. The reason for the fork has nothing to do with Observium's move to community vs. paid versions. It is simply that we have different priorities and values to the Observium development team. We decided to fork (reluctantly) because we like using Observium, but we want to collaborate on a community-based project with like-minded IT professionals. See README.md and the references there for more information about the kind of community we're trying to promote.

LibreNMS was forked from the last GPL-licensed version of Observium.

Thanks to one of our users, Dan Brown, who has written a migration script, you can easily move your Observium install over to LibreNMS. This also takes care of moving from one CPU architecture to another. Give it a try :)

How LibreNMS will be different from Observium:

  • We will have an inclusive community, where it's OK to ask stupid questions, and OK to ask for things that aren't on the roadmap. If you'd like to see something added, add or comment on the relevant issue in our Community forum.
  • Development decisions will be community-driven. We want to make software that fulfills its users' needs.
  • There are no plans for a paid version, and we don't anticipate this ever changing.
  • There are no current plans for paid support, but this may be added later if there is sufficient demand.
  • We use git for version control and GitHub for hosting to make it as easy and painless as possible to create forked or private versions.

Reasons why you might want to use Observium instead of LibreNMS:

Reasons why you might want to use LibreNMS instead of Observium: