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Choosing a release

We try to ensure that breaking changes aren't introduced by utilising various automated code testing, syntax testing and unit testing along with manual code review. However bugs can and do get introduced as well as major refactoring to improve the quality of the code base.

We have two branches available for you to use. The default is the master branch.

Development branch

Our master branch is our dev branch, this is actively commited to and it's not uncommon for multiple commits to be merged in daily. As such sometimes changes will be introduced which will cause unintended issues. If this happens we are usually quick to fix or revert those changes.

We appreciate everyone that runs this branch as you are in essence secondary testers to the automation and manually testing that is done during the merge stages.

You can configure your install (this is the default) to use this branch by setting lnms config:set update_channel master and ensuring you switch to the master branch with:

cd /opt/librenms && git checkout master

Stable branch

With this in mind, we provide a monthly stable release which is released on or around the last Sunday of the month. Code pull requests (aside from Bug fixes) are stopped days leading up to the release to ensure that we have a clean working branch at that point.

The changelog is also updated and will reference the release number and date so you can see what changes have been made since the last release.

To switch to using stable branches you can set lnms config:set update_channel release

This will pause updates until the next stable release, at that time LibreNMS will update to the stable release and continue to only update to stable releases. Downgrading is not supported on LibreNMS and will likely cause bugs.