Enabling support for Prometheus.

Please be aware Prometheus support is alpha at best, It hasn't been extensively tested and is still in development All it provides is the sending of data to a a Prometheus PushGateway. Please be careful when enabling this support you use it at your own risk!

Requirements (Older versions may work but haven't been tested

The setup of the above is completely out of scope here and we aren't really able to provide any help with this side of things.

What you don't get

RRD will continue to function as normal so LibreNMS itself should continue to function as normal.


$config['prometheus']['enable'] = true;
$config['prometheus']['url'] = '';
$config['prometheus']['job'] = 'librenms'; # Optional

Sample Prometheus Scrape Config (for scraping the Push Gateway)

- job_name: pushgateway
  scrape_interval: 300s
  honor_labels: true
    - targets: ['']

The same data then stored within rrd will be sent to Prometheus and recorded. You can then create graphs within Grafana to display the information you need.