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Enabling support for Graphite

This module sends all metrics to a remote graphite service. You need something like Grafana for graphing.

What you don't get

  • Pretty graphs, this is why at present you need Grafana. You need to build your own graphs within Grafana.

RRD will continue to function as normal so LibreNMS itself should continue to function as normal.



lnms config:set graphite.enable true
lnms config:set 'your.graphite.server'
lnms config:set graphite.port 2003
lnms config:set graphite.prefix 'your.metric.prefix'

Your metric path can be prefixed if required, otherwise the metric path for Graphite will be in the form of hostname.measurement.fieldname, interfaces will be stored as hostname.ports.ifName.fieldname.

The same data then stored within rrd will be sent to Graphite and recorded. You can then create graphs within Grafana to display the information you need.

Graphite Configuration

As LibreNMS updates its metrics every 5 minutes, the following addition to your storage-schemas.conf is suggested.

pattern = your\.metric\.prefix\..*
retentions = 5m:30d,15m:90d,1h:1y