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SNMP Proxy

If you have machines that you want to monitor but are not reachable directly, you can use SNMPD Proxy. This will use the reachable SNMPD to proxy requests to the unreachable SNMPD.

Example configuration

We want to poll '' via

''. Use the following config:

On '':

        view all included .1
        com2sec -Cn ctx_unreachable readonly <poller-ip> unreachable
        access MyROGroup ctx_unreachable any noauth prefix all none none
        proxy -Cn ctx_unreachable -v 2c -c private  .1.3

On '':

        view all included .1                               80
        com2sec readonly < ip address> private
        group MyROGroup v1 readonly
        group MyROGroup v2c readonly
        group MyROGroup usm readonly
        access MyROGroup "" any noauth exact all none none

You can now poll community 'private' on '' via community 'unreachable' on host ''. Please note that requests on '' will be coming from '', not your poller.