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IRC Bot Extensions

Okay this is a very quick walk-through in writing your own commands for the IRC-Bot.

First of all, create a file in includes/ircbot, the file-name should be in this format:

When editing the file, do not open nor close PHP-tags. Any variable you assign will be discarded as soon as your command returns. Some variables, specially all listed under $this->, have special meanings or effects. Before a command is executed, the IRC-Bot ensures that the MySQL-Socket is working, that $this->user points to the right user and that the user is authenticated. Below you will find a table with related functions and attributes. You can chain-load any built-in command by calling $this->_command("My Parameters"). You cannot chain-load external commands.

To enable your command, edit your config.php and add something like this:

   $config['irc_external'][] = "mycommand";

See: Example

Functions and Attributes

... that are accessible from within an extension


Function( (Type) $Variable [= Default] [,...] ) Returns Description
$this->getChan( ) String Returns channel of current event.
$this->getData( (boolean) $Block = false ) String/Boolean Returns a line from the IRC-Buffer if it's not matched against any other command. If $Block is true, wait until a suitable line is returned.
$this->getUser( ) String Returns nick of current user. Not to confuse with $this->user!
$this->get_user( ) Array See $this->user in Attributes.
$this->irc_raw( (string) $Protocol ) Boolean Sends raw IRC-Protocol.
$this->isAuthd( ) Boolean true if the user is authenticated.
$this->joinChan( (string) $Channel ) Boolean Joins given $Channel.
$this->log( (string) $Message ) Boolean Logs given $Message into STDOUT.
$this->read( (string) $Buffer ) String/Boolean Returns a line from given $Buffer or false if there's nothing suitable inside the Buffer. Please use $this->getData() for handler-safe data retrieval.
$this->respond( (string) $Message ) Boolean Responds to the request auto-detecting channel or private message.


Attribute Type Description
$params String Contains all arguments that are passed to the .command.
$this->chan Array Channels that are configured.
$this->commands Array Contains accessible commands.
$this->config Array Contains $config from config.php.
$this->data String Contains raw IRC-Protocol.
$this->debug Boolean Debug-Flag.
$this->external Array Contains loaded extra commands.
$this->nick String Bot's nick on the IRC.
$this->pass String IRC-Server's passphrase.
$this->port Int IRC-Server's port-number.
$this->server String IRC-Server's hostname.
$this->ssl Boolean SSL-Flag.
$this->tick Int Interval to check buffers in microseconds.
$this->user Array Array containing details about the user that sent the request.



   if( $this->user['level'] != 10 ) {
      return $this->respond("Sorry only admins can make me join.");
   if( $this->getChan() == "#noc") {
      $this->respond("Joining $params");
   } else {
      $this->respond("Sorry, only people from #noc can make join.");


   $config['irc_external'][] = "join-ng";