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GateOne integration

We have simple integration for GateOne, you will be redirected to your Gateone command line frontend to access your equipment. (Currently this only works with SSH)

GateOne itself isn't included within LibreNMS, you will need to install this separately either on the same infrastructure as LibreNMS or as a totally standalone appliance. The installation is beyond the scope of this document.

Config is simple, include the following in your config.php:

$config['gateone']['server'] = 'http://<your_gateone_url/';

Note: You must use the full url including the trailing /!

We also support prefixing the currently logged in Librenms user to the SSH connection URL that is created, eg. ssh://admin@localhost To enable this, put the following in your config.php:

$config['gateone']['use_librenms_user'] = true;