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Availability Map

LibreNMS has the following page to show an availability map:

  • Overview -> Maps -> Availability

This map will show all devices on a single page, with each device having either a box or a coloured square representing its status.


There is an availability map widget that can be added to a dashboard to give a quick overview of the status of all devices on the network.


# Set the compact view mode for the availability map
lnms config:set webui.availability_map_compact false

# Size of the box for each device in the availability map (not compact)
lnms config:set webui.availability_map_box_size 165

# Sort by status instead of hostname
lnms config:set webui.availability_map_sort_status false

# Show the device group drop-down on the availabiltiy map page
lnms config:set webui.availability_map_use_device_groups true