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Validating Code

Validating Code

As part of the pull request process with GitHub we run some automated build tests to ensure that the code is error free, standards compliant and our test suite builds successfully.

Rather than submit a pull request and wait for the results, you can run these checks yourself to ensure a more seamless merge.

All of these commands should be run from within the librenms directory and can be run as the librenms user unless otherwise noted.

Install composer (you can skip this if composer is already installed).

curl -sS | php

Composer will now be installed into /opt/librenms/composer.phar.

Now install the dependencies we require:

./composer.phar install

Once composer is installed you can now run the code validation script:

./lnms dev:check

If you see Tests ok, submit away :) then all is well. If you see other output then it should contain what you need to resolve the issues and re-test.

Git Hooks

Git has a hook system which you can use to trigger checks at various stages. Utilising the ./lnms dev:check you can make this part of your commit process.

Add ./lnms dev:check to your .git/hooks/pre-commit:

echo "/opt/librenms/lnms dev:check" >> /opt/librenms/.git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod +x /opt/librenms/.git/hooks/pre-commit