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Creating snmp trap handlers

Create a new class in LibreNMS\Snmptrap\Handlers that implements the LibreNMS\Interfaces\SnmptrapHandler interface.

Register the mapping in the config/snmptraps.php file. Make sure to use the full trap oid.

'IF-MIB::linkUp' => \LibreNMS\Snmptrap\Handlers\LinkUp::class

The handle function inside your new class will receive a LibreNMS/Snmptrap/Trap object containing the parsed trap. It is common to update the database and create event log entries within the handle function.

Getting information from the Trap

Source information

$trap->getDevice();   // gets Device model for the device associated with this trap
$trap->getHostname(); // gets hostname sent with the trap
$trap->getIp();       // gets source IP of this trap
$trap->getTrapOid();  // returns the string you registered your class with

Retrieving data from the Trap


getOidData() requires the full name including any additional index. You can use these functions to search the oid keys.

$trap->findOid('ifDescr');  // returns the first oid key that contains the string
$trap->findOids('ifDescr'); // returns all oid keys containing the string


If the above isn't adequate, you can get the entire trap text