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Merging Pull Requests


We will now build the monthly change log from our GitHub commits. When merging a commit, please ensure you:

  • Click the Merge pull request button
  • Give the merge a descriptive but short title
  • For the commit message prepend it with one of the following tags for the pull request to appear in the changelog:
  • devices: or newdevice: For new device support.
  • feature: or feat: To indicate this is a new or updated feature
  • webui: or web: To indicate this is an update to the WebUI
  • fix: or bugfix: To show this is a bug fix.
  • refactoring: or refactor: When the changes are refactoring a large portion of code
  • You can reference an issue number with #xyz, i.e #1234
  • Use the Confirm squash and merge button to merge.

Example commits


feature: Added new availability map #4401

New device

newdevice: Added support for Cisco ASA #4402