Adding new config options to WebUI

Adding support for users to update a new config option via the WebUI is now a lot easier for general options. This document shows you how to add a new config option and even section to the WebUI.

Update DB

Firstly you will need to add the config option to the database. Here's an example:

insert into config (config_name,config_value,config_default,config_descr,config_group,config_group_order,config_sub_group,config_sub_group_order,config_hidden,config_disabled) values ('alert.tolerance_window','','','Tolerance window in seconds','alerting',0,'general',0,'0','0');

This will determine the default config option for $config['alert']['tolerance_window'].

Update WebUI

If the sub-section you want to add the new config option already exists then update the relevant file within html/pages/settings/ otherwise you will need to create the new sub-section page. Here's an example of this:

Commit example


$no_refresh = true;

$config_groups = get_config_by_group('alerting');

$mail_conf = array(
    array('name'               => 'alert.tolerance_window',
          'descr'              => 'Tolerance window for cron',
          'type'               => 'text',

echo '
<div class="panel-group" id="accordion">
    <form class="form-horizontal" role="form" action="" method="post">
    ' . csrf_field();

echo generate_dynamic_config_panel('Email transport',$config_groups,$mail_conf,'mail');

echo '

And that should be it!