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Adding new config settings

Adding support for users to update a new config option via the WebUI is now a lot easier for general options. This document shows you how to add a new config option and even section to the WebUI.

Config settings are defined in misc/config_definitions.json

You should give a little thought to the name of your config setting. For example: a good setting for snmp community, would be The dot notation is path and when the config is hydrated, it is converted to a nested array. If the user is overriding the option in config.php it would use the format $config['snmp']['community']


The config definition system inherently supports translation. You must add the English names in the resoures/lang/en/settings.php file (and other languages if you can).

To update the javascript translation files, run:

./lnms translation:generate

Definition Format

For, this is the definition:

"": {
    "group": "poller",
    "section": "snmp",
    "order": 2,
    "type": "array",
    "default": [


All fields are optional. To show in the web ui, group and section are required, order is recommended.

  • type: Defines the type, there are a few predefined types and custom types can be defined and implemented in a vue.js component
  • default: the default value for this setting
  • options: the options for the select type. An object with {"value1": "display string", "value2": "display string"}
  • validate: Defines more complex validation than the default simple type check. Uses Laravel validation syntax.
  • group: The web ui tab this is under
  • section: A panel grouping settings in the web ui
  • order: The order to display this setting within the section

Predefined Types

  • string: A string
  • integer: A number
  • boolean: A simple toggle switch
  • array: A list of values that can be added, removed, and re-ordered.
  • select: A dropdown box with predefined options. Requires the option field.
  • email: Will validate the input is the correct format for an email
  • password: Will mask the value of the input (but does not keep it fully private)

Custom Types

You may set the type field to a custom type and define a Vue.js component to display it to the user.

The Vue.js component should be named as "SettingType" where type is the custom type entered with the first letter capitalized. Vue.js components exist in the resources/js/components directory.

Here is an empty component named SettingType (make sure to rename it). It pulls in BaseSetting mixin for basic setting code to reuse. You should review the BaseSetting component.


    import BaseSetting from "./BaseSetting";

    export default {
        name: "SettingType",
        mixins: [BaseSetting]

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Using Vue.js is beyond the scope of this document. Documentation can be found at