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Notes On Application Development

LibreNMS JSON SNMP Extends

The polling function json_app_get makes it easy to poll complex data using SNMP extends and JSON.

The following exceptions are provided by it.

It takes three parameters, in order in the list below.

  • Integer :: Device ID to fetch it for.
  • String :: The extend name. For example, if 'zfs' is passed it will be converted to 'nsExtendOutputFull.'.
  • Integer :: Minimum expected version of the JSON return.

The required keys for the returned JSON are as below.

  • version :: The version of the snmp extend script. Should be numeric and at least 1.
  • error :: Error code from the snmp extend script. Should be > 0 (0 will be ignored and negatives are reserved)
  • errorString :: Text to describe the error.
  • data :: An key with an array with the data to be used.

The supported exceptions are as below.

  • JsonAppPollingFailedException :: Empty return from SNMP.
  • JsonAppParsingFailedException :: Could not parse the JSON
  • JsonAppBlankJsonException :: Blank JSON.
  • JsonAppMissingKeysException :: Missing required keys.
  • JsonAppWrongVersionException :: Older version than supported.
  • JsonAppExtendErroredException :: Polling and parsing was good, but the returned data has an error set. This may be checked via $e->getParsedJson() and then checking the keys error and errorString.

The error value can be accessed via $e->getCode(). The output can be accessed via $->getOutput() Only returned JsonAppParsingFailedException. The parsed JSON can be access via $e->getParsedJson().

An example below from includes/polling/applications/

try {
    $zfs = json_app_get($device, $name, 1)['data'];
} catch (JsonAppMissingKeysException $e) {
    //old version with out the data key
    $zfs = $e->getParsedJson();
} catch (JsonAppException $e) {
    echo PHP_EOL . $name . ':' . $e->getCode() . ':' . $e->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;
    update_application($app, $e->getCode() . ':' . $e->getMessage(), []);


Application Data Storage

The $app model is supplied for each application poller and graph. You may access and update the $app->data field to store arrays of data the Application model.

When you call update_application() the $app model will be saved along with any changes to the data field.

// set the varaible data to $foo
$app->data = [
    'item_A' => 123,
    'item_B' => 4.5,
    'type' => 'foo',
    'other_items' => [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ],

// save the change

// var_dump the contents of the variable
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