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Notes On Application Development

LibreNMS JSON SNMP Extends

The polling function json_app_get makes it easy to poll complex data using SNMP extends and JSON.

The following exceptions are provided by it.

It takes three parameters, in order in the list below.

  • Integer :: Device ID to fetch it for.
  • String :: The extend name. For example, if 'zfs' is passed it will be converted to 'nsExtendOutputFull.'.
  • Integer :: Minimum expected version of the JSON return.

The required keys for the returned JSON are as below.

  • version :: The version of the snmp extend script. Should be numeric and at least 1.
  • error :: Error code from the snmp extend script. Should be > 0 (0 will be ignored and negatives are reserved)
  • errorString :: Text to describe the error.
  • data :: An key with an array with the data to be used.

The supported exceptions are as below.

  • JsonAppPollingFailedException :: Empty return from SNMP.
  • JsonAppParsingFailedException :: Could not parse the JSON
  • JsonAppBlankJsonException :: Blank JSON.
  • JsonAppMissingKeysException :: Missing required keys.
  • JsonAppWrongVersionException :: Older version than supported.
  • JsonAppExtendErroredException :: Polling and parsing was good, but the returned data has an error set. This may be checked via $e->getParsedJson() and then checking the keys error and errorString.

The error value can be accessed via $e->getCode(). The output can be accessed via $->getOutput() Only returned JsonAppParsingFailedException. The parsed JSON can be access via $e->getParsedJson().

An example below from includes/polling/applications/

try {
    $zfs = json_app_get($device, $name, 1)['data'];
} catch (JsonAppMissingKeysException $e) {
    //old version with out the data key
    $zfs = $e->getParsedJson();
} catch (JsonAppException $e) {
    echo PHP_EOL . $name . ':' . $e->getCode() . ':' . $e->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;
    update_application($app, $e->getCode() . ':' . $e->getMessage(), []);



Also worth noting that json_app_get supports compressed data via base64 encoded gzip. If base64 encoding is detected on the the SNMP return, it will be gunzipped and then parsed. may be used to optimize JSON returns.

Application Data Storage

The $app model is supplied for each application poller and graph. You may access and update the $app->data field to store arrays of data the Application model.

When you call update_application() the $app model will be saved along with any changes to the data field.

// set the varaible data to $foo
$app->data = [
    'item_A' => 123,
    'item_B' => 4.5,
    'type' => 'foo',
    'other_items' => [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ],

// save the change

// var_dump the contents of the variable