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Entities as described earlier are based on the table and column names within the database, if you are unsure of what the entity is you want then have a browse around inside MySQL using show tables and desc <tablename>.

Below are some common entities that you can use within the alerting system. This list is not exhaustive and you should look at the MySQL database schema for the full list.


Entity Description
devices.hostname The device hostname
devices.sysName The device sysName
devices.sysDescr The device sysDescr
devices.hardware The device hardware
devices.version The device os version
devices.location The device location
devices.status The status of the device, 1
devices.status_reason The reason the device was detected as down (icmp or snmp)
devices.ignore If the device is ignored this will be set to 1
devices.disabled If the device is disabled this will be set to 1
devices.last_polled The the last polled datetime (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
devices.type The device type such as network, server, firewall, etc.

BGP Peers

Entity Description
bgpPeers.astext This is the description of the BGP Peer
bgpPeers.bgpPeerIdentifier The IP address of the BGP Peer
bgpPeers.bgpPeerRemoteAs The AS number of the BGP Peer
bgpPeers.bgpPeerState The operational state of the BGP session
bgpPeers.bgpPeerAdminStatus The administrative state of the BGP session
bgpPeers.bgpLocalAddr The local address of the BGP session.

IPSec Tunnels

Entity Description
ipsec_tunnels.peer_addr The remote VPN peer address
ipsec_tunnels.local_addr The local VPN address
ipsec_tunnels.tunnel_status The VPN tunnels operational status.

Memory pools

Entity | Description |---|---| mempools.mempool_type | The memory pool type such as hrstorage, cmp and cemp mempools.mempool_descr | The description of the pool such as Physical memory, Virtual memory and System memory mempools.mempool_perc | The used percentage of the memory pool.


Entity Description
ports.ifDescr The interface description
ports.ifName The interface name
ports.ifSpeed The port speed in bps
ports.ifHighSpeed The port speed in mbps
ports.ifOperStatus The operational status of the port (up or down)
ports.ifAdminStatus The administrative status of the port (up or down)
ports.ifDuplex Duplex setting of the port
ports.ifMtu The MTU setting of the port.


Entity Description
processors.processor_usage The usage of the processor as a percentage
processors.processor_descr The description of the processor.


Entity Description
storage.storage_descr The description of the storage
storage.storage_perc The usage of the storage as a percentage.

Health / Sensors

Entity Description
sensors.sensor_desc The sensors description.
sensors.sensor_current The current sensors value.
sensors.sensor_prev The previous sensor value.
sensors.lastupdate The sensors last updated datetime stamp.