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Creating a new Transport.

File location

All transports are located in LibreNMS\Alert\Transport and the files are named after the Transport name. I.e Discord.php for Discord.

Transport structure.

The following functions are required for a new transport to pass the unit tests:

deliverAlert() - This is function called within alerts to invoke the transport. Here you should do any post processing of the transport config to get it ready for use.

contact$Transport() - This is named after the transport so for Discord it would be contactDiscord(). This is what actually interacts with the 3rd party API, invokes the mail command or whatever you want your alert to do.

configTemplate() - This is used to define the form that will accept the transport config in the webui and then what data should be validated and how. Validation is done using Laravel validation

The following function is not required for new Transports and is for legacy reasons only. deliverAlertOld().


At present you will also need to add the new transport to the select part of the form in html/includes/modal/ I.e:

<option value="discord-form">Discord</option>

Please ensure you add the new entry in the correct location sorted alphabetically.


Please don't forget to update the Transport file to include details of your new transport.

A table should be provided to indicate the form values that we ask for and examples. I.e:

Config | Example
------ | -------
Discord URL |
Options | username=myname