Retrieve the inventory for a device. If you call this without any parameters then you will only get part of the inventory. This is because a lot of devices nest each component, for instance you may initially have the chassis, within this the ports - 1 being an sfp cage, then the sfp itself. The way this API call is designed is to enable a recursive lookup. The first call will retrieve the root entry, included within this response will be entPhysicalIndex, you can then call for entPhysicalContainedIn which will then return the next layer of results.

Route: /api/v0/inventory/:hostname



curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: YOURAPITOKENHERE'


    "status": "ok",
    "message": "",
    "count": 1,
    "inventory": [
            "entPhysical_id": "2",
            "device_id": "32",
            "entPhysicalIndex": "262145",
            "entPhysicalDescr": "Linux 3.3.5 ehci_hcd RB400 EHCI",
            "entPhysicalClass": "unknown",
            "entPhysicalName": "1:1",
            "entPhysicalHardwareRev": "",
            "entPhysicalFirmwareRev": "",
            "entPhysicalSoftwareRev": "",
            "entPhysicalAlias": "",
            "entPhysicalAssetID": "",
            "entPhysicalIsFRU": "false",
            "entPhysicalModelName": "0x0002",
            "entPhysicalVendorType": "zeroDotZero",
            "entPhysicalSerialNum": "rb400_usb",
            "entPhysicalContainedIn": "65536",
            "entPhysicalParentRelPos": "-1",
            "entPhysicalMfgName": "0x1d6b",
            "ifIndex": "0"