Entities as described earlier are based on the table and column names within the database, if you are unsure of what the entity is you want then have a browse around inside MySQL using show tables and desc <tablename>.


devices.hostname = The device hostname.

devices.sysName = The device sysName.

devices.sysDescr = The device sysDescr.

devices.hardware = The device hardware.

devices.version = The device os version.

devices.location = The device location.

devices.status = The status of the device, 1 = up, 0 = down.

devices.status_reason = The reason the device was detected as down (icmp or snmp).

devices.ignore = If the device is ignored this will be set to 1.

devices.disabled = If the device is disabled this will be set to 1.

devices.last_polled = The the last polled datetime (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss).

devices.type = The device type such as network, server, firewall, etc.

BGP Peers

bgpPeers.astext = This is the description of the BGP Peer.

bgpPeers.bgpPeerIdentifier = The IP address of the BGP Peer.

bgpPeers.bgpPeerRemoteAs = The AS number of the BGP Peer.

bgpPeers.bgpPeerState = The operational state of the BGP session.

bgpPeers.bgpPeerAdminStatus = The administrative state of the BGP session.

bgpPeers.bgpLocalAddr = The local address of the BGP session.

IPSec Tunnels

ipsec_tunnels.peer_addr = The remote VPN peer address.

ipsec_tunnels.local_addr = The local VPN address.

ipsec_tunnels.tunnel_status = The VPN tunnels operational status.

Memory pools

mempools.mempool_type = The memory pool type such as hrstorage, cmp and cemp.

mempools.mempool_descr = The description of the pool such as Physical memory, Virtual memory and System memory.

mempools.mempool_perc = The used percentage of the memory pool.


ports.ifDescr = The interface description.

ports.ifName = The interface name.

ports.ifSpeed = The port speed in bps.

ports.ifHighSpeed = The port speed in mbps.

ports.ifOperStatus = The operational status of the port (up or down).

ports.ifAdminStatus = The administrative status of the port (up or down).

ports.ifDuplex = Duplex setting of the port.

ports.ifMtu = The MTU setting of the port.


processors.processor_usage = The usage of the processor as a percentage.

processors.processor_descr = The description of the processor.


storage.storage_descr = The description of the storage.

storage.storage_perc = The usage of the storage as a percentage.

Health / Sensors

sensors.sensor_desc = The sensors description.

sensors.sensor_current = The current sensors value.

sensors.sensor_prev = The previous sensor value.

sensors.lastupdate = The sensors last updated datetime stamp.